Meet Our Talented Level 10!

Wellesley Ann DePass

NCAA Eligibility Profile

Name: Wellesley Ann DePass

Preferred name: Wellesley

Age: 16

High School: Legion Collegiate Academy

Graduation Class: 2022

Academic Honors/Highlights: Honors Student 9th and 10th grade

Extracurricular Activities: Afterschool Nanny

Interests/Hobbies: Arts & Crafts, Swimming, Horseback riding, tik-toks

Intended Profession:

Parents: Rutledge and Peggy DePass

Siblings: 3 brothers, 1 sister

College: no preference

Major: undecided


Division School: no preference

Top 3 School Choices:

Gymnastics: University of Alabama, University of Georgia, North Carolina State University

Level: 10

Athletic Honors/Highlights: SC State Regional Team Level 7 & 8; 2016 SC Level 9 Top Regional Qualifer; 2016 Level 9 SC State Al lAround, Bars, Beam and Floor Champion; 2017 Level 9 State Floor Champion; 2018 Level 10 Regional Qualifier

Skills currently competing:

Vault Yurchenko Layout

Bars Kip, squat on, giant ½, bail handstand, kip squat on, 2 giants, double tuck dismount

Beam Switch leap half + back tuck; back handspring + laystep; full turn; side aerial, sissone’; front tuck, back handspring+ back handspring two feet + layout full dismount

Floor round-off + double pike; round-off 1 ½ +front pike; switch ½ + popa; 1 ½ turn; front handspring + front layout + front pike

Additional Skills Training:

Vault Yurchenko ½ and full twist

Bars Blind change + front giant, blind full, geinger, straddle jaegar, half in half out dismount

Beam back handspring+laystep+laystep; back pike; side somi; backhandspring + backhandspring two feet + double full dismount, wolf turns

Floor Switch leap full, front handspring +front full, double layouts, full ins, leg up full 1½ turn

Gymnast Website: 

Wellesley DePass SCGymnast

NCAA ID # 2006872805