Success Stories


Gymnastics develops strength, flexibility, balance, agility and coordination...all skills needed to be successful in sports such as baseball, basketball, football, golf, volleyball and soccer to name a few.  It targets all muscle groups for total body strength and conditioning.   It builds work ethic, determination, and better communication skills.  All these qualities make transitioning into a new sport that much easier and here are examples of our very own gymnasts successes. 

Mallory Prosser 

Gymnast to leader of College Gymnastics

Years as a gymnast: 14

Highest Level: 9

What she learned at the gym that allowed her to be successful in college gymnastics:

The most important life lesson I learned as a gymnast was how to be a team leader. I usually found myself as the oldest one in the gym and constantly had many younger gymnasts looking up to me. I took this with me as I went to college and became a team leader of the Clemson Gymnastics team as I organized the first ever home competition for Clemson Gymnastics.

Understanding how important teamwork is has also help me succeed in physical therapy school and will further help me once I enter the field and work alongside multiple coworkers to provide the best care for our future patients.

Jodee Tindal

Gymnast to Division 1 Golfer

Years as a gymnast: 11 years

Highest Level: 8

How gymnastics helped her be successful: I absolutely owe all my success in academics and athletics to my gymnastics coaches and career during my formative years.  My favorite coaches to this day are my gym coaches who taught me that hard work, determination, and a positive attitude were necessary to be great.  These coaches knew exactly how hard to push me while at the same time encouraging me and lifting me up.  They taught me the one thing you can control as an athlete,...not to let anyone outwork me. And that is also my approach on the golf course.
When I retired from gymnastics, I gravitated towards golf because it required the same mental toughness and fierce focus that gymnastics requires. In college golf, I have enjoyed both individual and team success. I value getting to play the game I love in a competitive format. 

Emily Kuhn

Gymnast to USC cheerleader

Years as a gymnast: 14 years

Highest Level: Level 10

How gymnastics helped her be successful:Gymnastics has taught me lessons and values that I will remember for the rest of my life. Gymnastics has taught me the definition of hard work, self discipline, toughness, and perseverance. I have always seen gymnastics as “the road less traveled”. I truly believe that it is the toughest sport in the world mentally and physically and teaches young girls invaluable lessons that cannot be learned elsewhere. With my gymnastics background I was able to make The University of South Carolina cheer team after cheering only 1 year in high school!  This has given me countless opportunities such as traveling to NCA collegiate Nationals, cheering for every Football and basketball game, and cheering for the women’s basketball team at the SEC tournament.

Andrea Stokes 

Gymnast to Clemson Cheerleader

 Years as a gymnast: 15 years

 Highest level: Level 9

 How gymnastics allowed her to be successful: My time as a gymnast came with many forever friends, unforgettable coaches, and life lessons that have shaped my future. Gymnastics taught me that hard work can take you anywhere, and for me that was a stadium full of 80,000 people wearing orange and screaming, "Go Tigers!" The character and work ethic instilled in me all those years led to me living out my dreams as a Clemson Cheerleader and now a Doctor of Physical Therapy. I used that same drive, passion, and dedication daily to treat my patients to maximize their functional abilities. I will forever be grateful for the sport of gymnastics and the life skills I gained that have equipped me to overcome obstacles and succeed.  

Carlee Shannon

Gymnast to Clemson Softball

Years as a gymnast: 10

Highest level: Level 8

How gymnastics allowed her to be successful: As a gymnast, I learned first how to be a good teammate. Building up your teammates whenever they are down is essential in any sport you play. I learned how to have a strong work ethic that has become a part of every area of my life today. To be a gymnast, you have to put in the blood, sweat, and tears with many hours in the gym- you must be dedicated. This mentality has allowed becoming a D1 athlete much smoother. Gymnastics has also taught me discipline- you must be disciplined to get all your skills done each day and stay focused to make sure you are safe and your technique is perfect. Discipline has also been incorporated into many areas of my life. As a student-athlete at Clemson, school comes first. Clemson education is very rigorous, and so student-athletes must take their schooling seriously and stay on top of their studies.I did not just learn gymnastics when I was practicing every day, I was also learning so many valuable and important life skills.