Tumbling Program:

Description: Our Tumbling classes are geared to teach boys and girls aged 6 and up, basic to advanced tumbling skills. During the class they will learn skills ranging from basic cartwheels, to back handsprings, as well as advanced tumbling skills. They will also have the opportunity work drills that will perfect their skills and build strength. Our tumbling classes are divided by age and skill appropriate divisions so that a beginner tumbler is not grouped in with intermediate or advanced tumblers..

Advanced Tumbling:  This tumbling class is for athletes working on advanced tumbling such as full twisting layouts and more complicated tumbling passes.  Great for athletes looking to compete at high levels including college. This class is by ability only and must have approval to attend.


*Cheer squads - call for group times and discounted rates

Classes Offered:


5:00 Tumbling - Beginner

6:00 Tumbling - Intermediate


4:00 Tumbling


3:30 Tumbling

5:30: Tumbling

7:00 Advanced Tumbling

New Preschool Class: